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The magic of an italian wedding

Wedding stories

Emotions, sentiments and feelings are the real protagonists/mile stones of any wedding. Our work is to tell in a poetic and creative manner every day love stories giving life to life long works that remain in time to be remembered and cherished with intensity. Important details, spontenous shots, stollen images (press wise) are the ingredients which are used wisely to give life to photoshoots touching the strings of the heart.
Through a two-man-professionals staff of long standing experience , nothing is taken for granted and every move is analyzed: from the prepration of the bride and groom to the ceremony itself, celebration and more. Giving you the most beautiful memory of your love story and intention.

Italian way

Italy is not only a geographic location, but its the abode of the soul, a magical location.
If you love the fascinating country  with its picturesque angles , rich of historic atmosphere and have thought of using it as your romantic and heart felt mile stone, we are ready to be your right hand man.

Our studios are based in Varese. Being italians who love and knows this land, we have access to breath-taking corners of this sunny land with its mountains, lakes and wonderful beaches: Lake Como , Lake Garda ,  Lake Maggiore, Verona, Venice, Liguria, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Tuscany.
If you not sattisfied by these wonders, we can propose and follow you to areas far and wide on the italian territory. We don’t mind going abroad.

Love stories

Here are some of the touching stories which have the pleasure to tell.