Mara e Timir

Mara and Timir are a wonderful couple who live in London. He was born in India, they chose Italy, Mara’s country of origin, for their marriage.

The wedding reception took place in a splendid location in the green Brianza.

Mixed marriages have a special charm, for the comparison between different cultures and styles,

the lively and multi-ethnic atmosphere, the variety of photographic situations.

Celebrated with the Catholic rite, exciting ritual moments typical of Indian weddings were not lacking, ending with the exchange of wreaths.

Metthew & Julia

When we met Metthew and Julia, we were touched by their semplicity and joy of life.
The are smiles of the turbines roled the day on.
The couple chose a beautiful medioeval church and enviorement, which is found in the Rossino castle , in the Lecco countryside.Alessandro Manzoni’s “Promessi Sposi” was set in the wonderful and romantic place.
Metthew and Julia were the protagonist and perfect subject of th contrast between their finess e courtesy.

Phoul & Elisabeth

The harmony wich was created on meeting Phoul and Elisabeth was  fondamental in realising this project.
A couple deeply in love and i would say , dreamers. This helped us to be able to make a photographic story, made in Italy.
A story without filtering with shoots which could be translated wordlessly , their “YES , I DO”.
Davide and I , concentrated immediatly on how best  to define each aspect.
The location chosen by Poul and Elisabet is Villa Antona Traversi.
We have the pleasure to present same of the shoots of their wedding.

Robert & Marie Claire

To put in evidence this magical occasion, is the island of San Giulio, which is found in the middle of Lake Orta .
A chosen place for romantic spirits, and location full of foreigners, the town is built with narrow stone builts streets often bordered by stone-walled houses. Ideal for picking the feel and memorable moment.
While the couple walks through the medioeval streets, our cameras capture unforgettable moments, stopping the emotions which we present.
Undiniable partner being the wonderful weather.
We present some the photoshots taken on that day.

Lucas & Miranda

Lucas and Miranda , foreigners, chose Italy for a unforgetteble event, their wedding.
They made us unterstand their desire to have a reportage style of photography, charatterized by spontaneity and freedom.
Reception was made in Villa Repui, on the banks of Maggiore Lake. A modern location which matches with their idea of contemporary romanticism.
In order to meet the needes and desiers of the couple we had to put into play all our photographic know how and sensibility.
We took advantage of the wide space and the wonderful lake view, were we place the cutting of the cake.
Nature was a complice. The beautiful twilight painted the sky blue, giving us all  unforgetteble moment.
The couple was bright and we were very happy for being able to reach this goal.